Know Some Facts About Depression

Know Some Facts About Depression


As per experts, the act of feeling sad and lonely can lead to depression. Things like loss of interest and low-motivation are also the root causes of depression which is still considered to be a disorder found in an individual. As pointed out by the website Shift CT, this health condition stems from some adverse life events such as loss of dear ones, excessive stress, and disappointment and so on. Readers can Check It Out about the real causes that drive an individual to get depressed.

In general, people get into depression after experiencing some bereavement in the family. According to psychologists, not all kinds of sadness lead to depression. Depression is a state of mind which can harm the normal health if ignored for a long time. Depression is not a severe disorder like other harmful diseases. However, the impact of depression will affect the overall health of the suffering person when not treated in time.

Since depression is a mind related issue and effects people, especially during the hard times, it has to be treated from day one. Findings have proved that one in three people suffer from depression at some stage of their lives. It is a known fact that every person would have experienced depression even if it is a mild one. Of course, over ten percent of such affected people can encounter a severe depression that needs medical attention.

Now it is time for us to know the signs of depression, which are classified as psychological symptoms and physical symptoms. Things like feeling miserable, loss of interest in life, poor focus, unpleasant thinking are some of the psychological symptoms experienced by a depressed individual. On the other hand, the physical symptoms include loss of appetite, loss of interest in sex, having poor energy, loss of sleep and many more.

The real causes of depression are still unknown. As per medical experts, some genetic factors play a role in depression. Findings have proved that a majority of cases are related to genetic influences. Stress can lead to depression or play a critical role and relapse of depression. Conditions like loneliness, financial stress, unemployment can also make a person get into a depressive state. Whatever may be the reason, it is always wise to consult a family doctor when one sees the signs of depression.

As a conclusion, we need to work out some strategies to fight depression that makes people sick both physically and psychologically. Hence, educating the affected people is a worthy exercise. This will undoubtedly offer a knowledge base to the right people so that they can gain control over this disorder. Of course, this may not be an easy task for the family members, and hence it is wise to seek professional help from the right experts.

Consulting and taking the affected person to a psychiatrist can produce tangible results as they use the right method in finding the cause of the depression encountered by the individuals. In a few cases, Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can produce excellent results to come out of the depressive state.

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